Photo Simón Fernández-Cruz

My name is Lisi Lluch Herbert and I am an art director, photographer, foodie and a lover of all things done with the heart or the hands. I started to feed In the Mood for Food with gastronomy related articles exploring real food and all the culture, history and art surrounding it. The name is an homage to Wong Kar-Wai’s In the Mood for Love, one of my favorite movies, a visual piece of art that aligns with my idea of presenting things in the most beautiful way possible. Because the way we present things matters. I can find beauty everywhere, but mostly in the simple things, appreciating the art of slow living to have a happier, healthier and more mindful life. Food, but also yoga, meditation, nature, ceramics, cooking, connecting with people, giving, photographing… are stories in my table that I want to share.

That is why I am always in the mood for food, because eating, cooking or simply gathering for me is already an exciting, exploring and enriching daily adventure that fills my stomach but mainly my soul. But of course I am in the mood for everything else that is cooking, because the world is full of wonderful things to learn from and we shall never stop being curious about them. We are humans, we are alive and always moving to the next, and that’s why this is an open platform to explore, learn and be aware of the beautiful things that surround us and being able to find in them perfectly imperfect.

I also wrote and illustrated a personal diary about how I felt during my heart pregnancy and narrated our family’s adventure to Ethiopia to adopt our son León. You can download the pdf (Spanish or English) at

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